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The Collections

Fresh trends, timeless classics and favourites for every occasion. TPASSION's designers create fashion selection for women, men, teenagers and children. 

Kids and Babies

The TPASSION Kids department offers everything from pretty little dresses to supercool tops and trousers in sizes from baby–14 years. Mecilla children’s clothing is comfortable and always carefully tested to ensure it meets our strict requirements for quality, safety and sustainability.


From the latest trends to updated fashion classics including casual daywear, relaxed leisure separates and contemporary maternity wear. TPASSION’s womenswear comprises a wide range of fashion for all – always with a focus on quality, sustainability and the right price.


Smart pieces loaded with easy everyday favourites. Kids soft on the skin, but designed to withstand lively play and rigorous washing.







TPASSION的童裝部為嬰兒到14嵗階段的兒童提供不同服飾選擇,不論是漂亮的小禮服,還是過冷上衣和褲子都已一應俱全。 Mecilla的童裝舒適時尚, 且符合嚴格的質量、安全和可持續性的監控。



TPASSION的休閒女裝及孕婦裝緊貼最新的潮流趨勢。 在提供合適的價格的同時,我們堅持提供良好的質量和推動服裝業的可持續性。