Glocal Network


Glocal Manufacturing Network

Mecilla operates a network of garment manufacturing, printing and fabric operations. Our closely knit network offers us capacity of over 500,000 pieces of garments, 50,000 direct to garments digital printing monthly. 

The manufacturing operation is backed up by a team of fashion and graphic designers, merchandisers, production managers, sales and marketing representatives, finance and accounting managers. 

At Mecilla, we put special emphasis on supply chain management, where we assign specific person to coordinate with textile mills to ensure quality, and environmental and social integrity of our raw materials including fabrics and trims. Our operation is certified to the highest international organic standards GOTS, which stands for Global Organic Textiles Standards, as well as OE100 and OE blend, short for Organic Exchange. In organic clothing, printing is a major part so Mecilla has gone the extra length of investing in high quality, complete eco printing solutions to accompany our products. 

Future for Hong Kong fashion designers?

At a time when Hong Kong manufacturing sector has diminished so much that our next generation of fashion designers has lost much with how things are actually made. Mecilla does our parts to use our resources to enable young design talents to expore to, learn about manufacturing. Hence our many programs in digital printing, natural dyeing, organic cotton farming, all of which have been designed in partnership with local design school teachers and students, with an aim to educate and equip our future talents to use fashion to influence our world for the better.