Organic Cotton Collaboration

TPASSION x Mecilla Partnership

Cotton development partnership between TPASSION and bio agricultural company Mecilla Limited has been established since 2012. As a wholesaler and manufacturer, TPASSION is responsible for the distribution and production of the apparel and fabrics products made with this cotton. The amount of cotton produced through this partnershion reaches up to 165 tons of cotton every year for 3 years beginning 2012. Approximately 1,500,000 pieces of tees, or 660,000 lbs of finished fabrics are expected to be manufactured. 


Mecilla Limited, as the direct farm owner and developer, engages 800 farming households for this project in partnership with Puhan Farmers Association, and provide training to these families for farming organically. The total land area is approximately 135 hectares. Only non-GM cottonl seeds, bio fertilizers and non-chemical pest management are allowed in the process. 


Why this partnership?

TPASSION established this partnership because the management believes it is a first step to building a natural, clean and responsible supply chain. Customers are given a chance to directly impact positively on rural land health and productivity and farmers' lives. The more customers we educate, the more benefits we hope to bring to our needy parts of the world. With each yard of fabric and garment sold, TPASSION is committed to contributing at least 1 dollar towards organic farming development in rural China. The specific areas of help includes non-GMO seed breeding, drip-irrigation technologies, soil fertility programmes, farmers training and other areas as required by the certain geographical location of our cotton source, the list includes:


What are the benefits to farmers, designers, retailers and consumers?

1. Up to 15% organic-premium above the market price for farmers converting to organic ways to farming: only natural seeds, natural inputs and responsible working conditions.
2. Training services for farmers
3. Purchase guarantee for farmers
4. Facilitate exchange with brands, designers, retailers and consumers on basic organic farming awareness and joint product development.

5. Excellent apparel products that are serving our farmers. 


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