Responsible Manufacturing

TPASSION is a garment manufacturer based in Hong Kong, combining 30 years of industry experience and modern sustaianable ways of management. TPASSION operates 2 wholly self-owned manufacturing facilities located in Hong Kong (since 2007) and mainland China (since 1996). The business manufactures both high end organic clothing and mass market clothing items. The Company is known for its Hong Kong Factory base, superb digital printing quality and speed, supreme workmanship, expert knowledge on modern sustainable supply chain from fibre through finished garments, and our own having organic cotton farming operations. 

We comply with below standards:




Specifially, our operations are characterized by the below aspects:


1. Made in Hong Kong

2. Certified Organic Cotton Processing Operations (OE / GOTS)

3. On-Demand Digital Printing Capability

4. E-Fullfilment Services

5. Eco Supply Chain Management

6. Organic Cotton Project with Mecilla Limited


The Hong Kong Factory is the hub to everything  TPASSION does. From supply chain coordination from fields through fabric sourcing and development, manufacturing, design, sample development, production, printing, upcycling, photoshooting, modelling, logistics, distribution, workers' recruitment and training, seminars and workshops, charity fund management, TPASSION manages its entire operations from our facility and team based in downtown Hong Kong.