Founded over 80 years ago in Southern China, TPASSION is now a specialist t-shirt and organic baby wear manufacturer. It has also expanded to provide custom T-shirt printing and fulfillment services to online retailers, shipping products on their behalf to over 30 countries worldwide.

TPASSION a provides fabrics, garment manufacturing, custom printing and fulfillment services. Mecilla cuts, sews and prints all garments in our facilities in either China, India or Vietnam, and manages all stages of textile manufacturing from cotton fields, spinning, knitting, dyeing mills to ensure all partners are participating in responsible manufacturing processes. All TPASSION manufacturing partners are required to adhere to a code of conduct and Terms of Engagement in our company manufacturing agreement.

TPASSION is fully committed to organic farming in rural China, India and Tajikistan. The partnership formed between Mecilla and agricultural projects are some of the industry's innovations, allowing our customers to directly impact the lives of rural communities through purchasing of our products, participating in our rural-urban exchange programmes. Furthermore, Mecilla drives sustainability in partnership with local design schools and students, for designers to contribute to a more sustainable world of fashion.