Funding & Sponsorship

An Independent Charitable Organisation since 2011

The TPASSION FUND, administered by Mecilla Academy Limited, was established in 2011 as an independent charitable organisation. Initially, the foundation focused on supporting sustainable design activities in Hong Kong. In 2013, the foundation started initiating agricultural development projects in third world countries, as a supplement to supporting sustainable fashion initiatives in Hong Kong. Please remark: The TPASSION FUND is closed for applications.

Family Owned

TPASSION is a family-owned company founded in Hong Kong, in 1979 by the late Shirley and Pang Yeung, and later succeeded by Tong and Benny Yeung. Both of them also currently sit on the board of the foundation. The efforts of  the foundation  are not necessarily directly related to activities conducted by TPASSION, but serves as a means to give something back to these often underdeveloped areas and regions.

Creating a Sense of Pride

Through internal communication the TPASSION FUND makes sure to inform the employees of TPASSION of the various projects piloted by the foundation, in order to create a sense of pride amongst the employees. If it was not for their hard work, these projects would not be feasible. 

TPASSION sponsors projects that will bring joy and pride to TPASSION colleagues around the world. It is very important that our corporate sponsorships fit with our culture, values and basic principles.

Piloting New Development Projects

Most of the projects conducted by the TPASSION FUND are pilot projects, and these projects should potentially be reproducible and scalable in other parts of the country or other regions in the world.

Sponsorship Requests 

We currently receive a great number of requests regarding sponsorships, and we evaluate each project carefully.

Before you send your request, please consider whether it fits with TPASSION’s culture and values. If you believe it does, please fill out the online application and we will respond within four weeks. We kindly ask all applicants* to fill out the online application. We do not sponsor 

• Individuals 
• Individual study purposes (scholarships, PhD projects, etc.)