Making Manufacturing Sustainable


"Made by TPASSION" - Aiming for Complete Sustainability Assurance


Since 1980, when our apparels were first exported to South Africa, TPASSION has expanded the scope of apparel sales across the entire globe. For over 30 years, TPASSION clothes have found their way to over 20 countries and regions throughout the world. As their exports have continued to develop so has the sustainability aspects of the production bases been looked at, in line with a policy of "producing apparels in harmony with local community". 

Among the hurdles that this making production sustainable has to overcome, the most important is sustainability assurance, which requires that "no matter where TPASSION apparels are made, they must have the same high level of sustainability." Mecilla doesn't put a label on apparels which says "Made in The USA" or "Made in Japan", but instead opts for one label for all: "Made by TPASSION." This means that there is a need to spread TPASSION's manufacturing philosophy — the "TPASSION Way" — to all of their supply chain bases.