Supply Chain Optimization


Conscious Collaboration among textile partners

Collaboration activities are:


◆ Stabilize and optimize the manufacturing chain


TPASSION establishes a stable, long-term supply chain partnership with a 5-year (2013-2017) purchase commitment of 135 tons of yarn / fabric products every year from Mecilla Limited. Through a stable volume, TPASSION strengthenes product development capabilities with cotton and other eco fibre (such as hemp, linen etc, increasing the stability, quality and cost competitiveness over time for our customers.


◆ Annual value chain stakeholders meeting

TPASSION takes part in Mecilla annual one day value chain conference in China, to meet with farmers, spinners, knitters, dye-houses and other stakeholders to discuss best practices. 


◆ A case study on this unique supply chain operation in a recognized business school journal.


Principles of conscious collaboration are:


◆ Encourages traceability and adheres to recognized environmental and social standards, guaranteeing responsible production methods and use of environmentally friendly dyes.


◆ Dyeing without toxic heavy metals

◆ Finishing without formaldehydei.connection to effluent treatment plantv. safe and healthy working conditions

◆ Fair wages and reasonable working hours