Hong Kong Commitments


TPASSION's headquarter functions, as well as manufacturing and printing functions are based in downtown Hong Kong. We employ skilled workers, usually 30s-50s in age, in our sample room, cutting and sewing production, and train up new generation of industrial leaders in direct-to-garment digital printing and overall production floor management. TPASSION's success is measured in terms of the number of local skilled workers and young people we train and employ, for the future of HK manufacturing.

As an integrated company combining design and production under one roof, TPASSION also measures our contribution to our society by how many green fashion workshop, internship, part-time offers we provide to our emerging talents in HK. As sustainable fashion is still a rather new concept in HK, TPASSION believes it is important we engage local design colleges and the students to learn together the latest sustainable fashion concepts, and put into practice our thoughts and ideas into reality at TPASSION.